The PAINT-BOX PRO contains:

• 2 liters of liquid latex
• 100 ml of separation & treatment oil
   (silicon oil)
• 3 zippers 30 cm, black, separable
• 20 paint sponges
• Instructions


Choose from 14 different colors for this set.
The set contains enough liquid latex to create 3 sleeveless tops or to cover the equivalent surface.
Hair must be removed before applying liquid latex (or covered with cling wrap).
Short, downy hair is no problem.
When properly produced and well taken care of, the pieces last many years (best when slightly oiled).

A sleeveless, colored shirt can take between 20 to 60 minutes to produce. We recommend a base of white liquid latex because it forms a particularly thick layer and thus reduces the overall time to finish a piece.
During my 7 years of experience with liquid latex I never encountered sensitivity or allergic reactions. However, such reactions are possible for people allergic to latex. If you are not allergic to condoms, you are not allergic to latex. Because of the high viscosity of the silicon oil the liquid latex hardly touches the skin anyway.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about liquid latex.
You can reach us daily at
+49 (0)30 215 90 66  or  +49 (0)171 641 6107
91,- EURO*   

*price includes tax. Shipping costs are extra (see order form).